Montie Smith is a prominent agent with 30 years experience in Raleigh North Carolina who has a wonderful story about Tim Burrell’s negotiating skills. Click on the video to hear the review directly from Montie.

Montie Smith
Tim Burrell is a uniquely talented individual who possesses a rare combination of knowledge, skill, and experience in addition to a genuine compassion for others. Tim’s resume is filled with decades of successfully resolving legal and real estate issues. He can be a shrewd negotiator, but also possesses a level-headed, logical approach that can calm even the stormiest situations.

Tim has the ability to look past the drama that disagreements can create and instead focus on the issues and underlying needs keeping people apart. He has the patience of a saint and a witty sense of humor (uncommon in attorneys) that can disarm even the most combative individuals. When your transactions hit a snag and you need resolution, Tim Burrell is the person I’d want on my side. I highly recommend Tim Burrell.

Bob Zachmeier,
Broker/Owner Win3 Realty Tucson, AZ, #1 Agent in Arizona from 2009 to 2012, 2,500 homes sold since 2009, Author of 5 books on real estate
Tim is KING in the real estate industry for negotiating. I’ve had the opportunity to work with agents all over North America… Tim gets it at the highest level. He understands the needs of all parties, he leverages the psychology of negotiation, and he gets the job done. Period. I have put Tim to work as a presenter for my top agents, and would highly recommend you get him working for you. That is, IF you want a successful outcome.
Amy Stoehr,
Founder and Director Real Estate Masters Guild
“I’ve been involved in thousands of real estate transaction in the last 26 years… As a sales and marketing teacher, trainer, coach… I am expert in the art and science of attracting customers and making sales… As a real estate broker I never faced much difficulty selling real estate… Until the market crashed… Then I found myself with dozens of clients with properties that I could sell but NOT Close… I had no trouble bringing buyers and sellers together but I needed real estate expert with legal experience with the ability to “Speak Bank”. . . Discovering Tim Burrell was a godsend… Tim has helped close countless short sales over the years that would not have closed without his advise, council and expertise… His expertise is invaluable… Hiring Tim means more Closed Transactions, Less Stress and More Money in Your Pocket… Plus you will be able to help more people just like you with families just like yours who have found themselves in an unfortunate situation… Bad things do happen to Good People… Tim Burrell enables you to turn things around for them and make the best of a bad situation while providing an important community service and increasing your profits. Thanks for all you have done and all you continue to do Tim! You Rock!!!….
Bill Crane,
Realtor, Author, Sales & Marketing Trainer, Coach, Consultant and Mentor - Chicago, IL
I have known Tim Burrell for about 6 years. His contributions to the Real Estate industry, particularly in the area of negotiationing, are exemplary. He is a great teacher, trainer, and an expert consultant that stands above the crowd of real estate consultants.

His ability to help not only a group of people move forward to become better negotiators, but also to help the individual with a particular “sticky” negotiating problem, is unparalleled.

I find Tim to be a “go to” resource for all kinds of negotiating situations that I’ve encountered. You can trust his advice and counsel, and he will go the extra mile to assist his clients. I strongly recommend Tim Burrell as the Real Estate Negotiating Consultant you can count on to deliver.

David J Vander Schaaf ,
President, Real Estate,
Regional Manager Century 21 Afiliated, Reedsburg, WI LLC
My entire adult life has been spent perfecting and mastering the game of real estate. As a Broker for over 20 years I am considered the local expert on everything real estate in my community. Knowing how to get it done no matter what the obstacle is has become absolutely key to my success. When I get backed into a corner and can’t find my way forward in a Short Sale transaction the resource I reach for is Tim Burrell. He knows the law and more importantly he knows the internal procedures of every financial institution. In a Short Sale Timing can be the difference between a happy seller payday and a Foreclosure with a great deal of time wasted. Tim’s advice lets me know where to spend my time and when to walk away. I wouldn’t be where I am today without his generous information.
Wendell Turner,
Absolute Advantage Realty Beaumont, CA
Tim Burrell represented the sellers in our purchase of our new home. The property was a short sale, which included multiple lien holders and was encumbered with an IRS tax lien. In addition, there were some water issues in the basement that needed to be remedied prior to closing per my lender. Needless to say, I expected closing on the property to be nearly impossible due to so many moving parts that had to be aligned.

With these issues involved, I knew that the experience and expertise of the sellers’ agent would be critical if there was to be a chance of completing the transaction. After meeting Tim and becoming aware of his experience, we felt more confident that we could get the deal done. His explanation of the process, though daunting, gave us a better understanding of what to expect. Tim managed to negotiate approvals from both lien holders, with corresponding time frames, which is no small feat in itself, but he was also able to negotiate the release of the IRS tax lien, and coordinate repairs made to the basement succinctly to get us ready for closing.

Tim’s ability to negotiate with the two lean holders, the IRS, the contractor completing the repairs, all while managing us as buyers, and the sellers, exemplifies his negotiation skills, attention to detail, and expertise. We can personally attest to his professionalism and expertise and couldn’t have been happier with the outcome.

Jamie & Brandi N
Tim Burrell did an outstanding job negotiating the sale of my home. The market of home sales in my area was not very good at the time. I had been told by other Realtors to expect a low sales price because of dismal sales in my area. However, Mr. Burrell thoughts were just the opposite. He placed my home on the market for a higher price than I had been told I should expect by other Realtors. He told me that the asking price is an anchor point that affects the outcome of the negotiations. So, “if you start low, then expect to get low paying prospective buyers, but if you start a little higher, then expect to get higher paying prospective buyers”. He was able to negotiate a fair market value price that made my home stand out from all the others in the area.

My friends were worried that my house might sit on the market a long time and I would end up selling it for less when it became stale on the market. However, within less than a week, I had multiple offers for my home. I was blown away. My home actually sold for $3,000 more than the listed price!!! His negotiating skills are phenomenon. He definitely has a gift as well as experience and a wealth of knowledge to add to it. Mr. Burrell’s background speaks for itself.

There were several repair items that the inspector flagged on his report. However, Mr. Burrell made them look miniscule. There were several bumps in the road along the way after the offer was accepted from the buyer. Mr. Burrell was able to smooth those bumps as he worked out the problems with the buyer’s agent. Most of the bumps were made by the inexperience of the buyer’s agent, but he helped her negotiate with her client.

One example is when the buyer requested the electrical grounding of the gas line which the inspector flagged on his report. However, when the home was built, the gas line was in compliance with the building code. This was also confirmed by the gas company. Mr. Burrell was able to negotiate with the buyer’s agent to get the buyer to drop this item. Another example was how smoothly he handled the final walk through of the home by the buyer. During the final walk through, the power was out due to an ice storm. He kept the buyer’s agent calm and persuaded her that this was due to bad weather and not a problem with the home. Power was restored later and the final walk through was completed. The final road block was when the day of the home closing came, the register of deeds was closed due to bad weather. Mr. Burrell negotiated an arrangement between everyone where the buyer could move in and I was not responsible for anything past the moment of closing the sale at the attorney’s office.

In a nutshell, Mr. Tim knows how to negotiate. Mr. Burrell was able to work with the inexperienced buyer’s agent to get top dollar, then help to smoothly close the sale of the home. I have read and seen for myself where other Realtors have been in a rut and asked him for advice. He not only knows about real estate, but also has an abundance of knowledge in construction as well. I would not have had the good fortune of selling my home as fast for as much as I did without the knowledge, skills, and expertise of someone like Mr. Burrell. He is King of Negotiation!!!

Jamie S.
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